Marian Parkes Wrapping for earrings.
Make an upwards loop with the beginning end bringing it back down and up again. Then take the side end that you’ve woven up to the top and put it through the downwards part of the loop, then wrap that around all of the parts of the first end enclosing them all in the wrap. Don’t make it super tight. When you’ve done as much as you think you’ll need then put that end through the top loop and then work it down through the center of the wrap. This is why you want to leave enough looseness to be able to get it through. When you bring it out of the bottom, you can snip the ends off.


Your Hedwig is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen😍❣️😍

tiny owl knits

HOOT! i am so excited to introduce HEDWIG!  this wrap has been SO fun to knit and it turned out better than i thought it would 🙂 .. yes im freaking out a little bit. just a tad!
here is me rambling about it incessantly between late night knitting sessions.  Oh! also She is 25% off this week! discount will show up in your cart.
you can get here *here now* or visit the *pattern page for lots more info*

here she is sitting on my table waiting for her photoshoot.  she was not very patient!  we had to give her lots of tootsie rolls to keep her sitting still.. oh… wait, that was me.
so you know the drill!  leave a comment below and hedwig will choose a WINNER tomorrow to WIN a FREE pattern of their choice!  HOOT!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
lots of love your way owlie knittens! love, stephanie…

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*NEW pattern* hedwig & giveaway!


Loom Knitted Water Balloons 

Loom: 24-peg baby hat loom
Yarn: Bernat Blanket Stripes (or any Bernat Blanket Yarn) – 1 skein (220 yds.) makes 12 balloons
Supplies: loom hook, tapestry needle (for weaving in ends)
EK – Ewrap knit
SK – Skip peg with working yarn behind the peg.
Cast on 24 pegs in the round using the Modified Drawstring Cast On. [GoodKnit Kisses video for cast on]
Rounds 1-9: EK all
[Now we will begin to decrease the balloon. We’ll be working in groups of 6 pegs. Think of your loom divided into four parts of six pegs each. I’ll be referring to all pegs as Pegs 1-6. As we move stitches to decrease we will be creating empty pegs. Do NOT wrap these pegs. They must remain empty. As we continue to work the rounds all empty pegs are skipped and the working yarn is carried behind the pegs.]
Round 10: *Move stitch from Peg 1 to Peg 2. Ewrap Peg 2 and knit both loops over. EK 4* Repeat from * to * 3 more times [20 active stitches and 4 empty pegs remaining]
DIY Water Balloons
Rounds 11-12: *SK1, EK5* Repeat from * to * 3 more times
Round 13: *SK1, EK2, Move stitch from Peg 4 to Peg 5. Ewrap Peg 5 and knit both loops over. EK1* Repeat from * to * 3 more times [16 active stitches and 8 empty pegs remaining]
DIY Water Balloons
Round 14: *SK1, EK2, SK1, EK2* Repeat from * to * 3 more times.
Round 15: *SK1, Move stitch from Peg 2 to Peg 3. Ewrap Peg 3 and knit both loops over. SK1, Move stitch from Peg 5 to Peg 6. Ewrap Peg 6 and knit both loops over. Repeat from * to * 3 more times. [8 active stitches and 16 empty pegs remaining]
DIY Water Balloons DIY Water Balloons
Next cut working yarn leaving a 12″ tail. Drawstring bind off the remaining 8 pegs by placing the yarn above the stitch and pulling it all the way through (as if to knit) then pull the stitch off the peg. Move on to the next peg and repeat. Once all pegs are bound off. Finally pull the end closed and wrap the yarn tail three times around about 3/4″ above the bottom. (See picture below show with contrasting yarn.)
DIY Water Balloons
Next let’s cinch up the top and finish your DIY Water Balloons. Be careful when closing the top since the blanket yarn can break if it pull it too hard. (I figured that out the hard way!) The hole at the top doesn’t need to close tightly for them to have a perfect balloon shape.
Fill them up by dunking them in a bucket of water. Have some cool, summer fun with the whole family! Wring out and lay flat to dry so you can use them all summer long.
Now go make a SPLASH with your DIY Water Balloons!!